Monday, June 7, 2010

Great leaders are those who are able to train their juniors to surpass them

Truly admirable is the person who wants to educate and train his juniors so that they can surpass him.  Such a person is a true asset.  Those who willingly help their juniors to develop and become great individuals, while smilingly supporting and watching over their growth, are great leaders among leaders.

要把后辈培育成为比自己更出色的人才, 以这样的自觉去努力的人才是伟大的,这样的人才是真正的人才。使后辈一个一个伟大地成材,然后泰然自若地为此而欢喜,全心全意照料,给予他们支持的人,才是真正的“大将”之才。