Saturday, September 29, 2007

Struggle to the very end, to be life's true winners

"Some people struggle in earnest. Some are defeated by struggle. And some give up without even trying. Only those who struggle until the very end ... are life's true winners."
--Dr Daisaku Ikeda
[Pg 284, Guidance Today, Vol 5]

At-Risk Children Need Even More Encouragement

"Children who are overwhelmed with suffering tend to lack self-confidence; they lose sight of the magnificent treasure that exist within them. If left to themselves, they may become mean-spirited and self-destructive, eventually engaging in behaviour that is harmful to themselves and others. Because they do not understand the preciousness of their own lives, they cannot respect the value of others' lives. The greatness of our lives; the limitless potential we each possess--it is the essential mission of educators to make children aware of this, to awaken them to it."
--Dr Daisaku Ikeda
[pg6, Creative Life, Sep 2004]