Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is important to live with purpose

Some people spent their days pursuing idle amusements.  Some live aimless lives, succumbing to indolence and apathy.  But neither of these ways of living will ever lead to true fulfillment or happiness.

A true struggle means making strenuous pain-staking efforts behind the scenes... to open a sure path to victory

A true struggle means making strenuous pain-staking efforts behind the scenes, always being the first to take action on all fronts, always thinking ahead and being well prepared in advance, in order to open a sure path to victory.

一面费尽心思、暗地里千辛万苦工作,一面在各方面先行部暑,以打开确实的光荣之道 。真正的奋斗就是这样。

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Create the maximum value within a finite life

Life passes by in an instant, which is why it is so important for us to keep striving and challenging ourselves.

Even against all odds, ... have the invincible spirit to press forward

To have the courage to always keep pressing forward and be utterly committed to winning.  To persevere right to the end, even in a pinch when the odds are stacked against you.  To have the invincible spirit to press forward further still.  When you give your all, victory is truly exhilarating.

Please become a strong person, a capable person

It is important to win in all endeavours.  Winning is a joy.  It is a source of benefit and happiness.  A person who is easily defeated does not have the strength or capacity to make others happy.  Please strive to become the kind of person who will strive and win amid the harsh realities of society, while always upholding and championing justice and making efforts to develop your character.  Please become a strong person, a capable person.

Make each day one of growth and fresh exciting possibilities

All living things exist in an ever-flowing stream of change.  That is why we must not look back but always face forward, to the future, constantly refreshing our lives with new vitality.  Let us make each day and each year one of growth and fresh, exciting possibilites.

Be the masters of our mind, and help others do the same

As long as we remain preoccupied with our own troubles, as long as we allow ourselves to blindly follow the impulsive dictates of our mind, our sufferings will continue.  What we must do is to become the masters of our mind, not let it be our master, and consciously redirect our mind and its thoughts in a positive and pleasant direction and help others around us do the same.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Give your all to a struggle... and experience satisfaction and joy.

When you have given your all to a struggle, you are filled with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.  That is because you have met the challenge, conquered your limitations, and experienced the great drama of life and human revolution.  The face of a person who has strived on without reserve glows.  It is lit by the radiance of a lofty spirit dedicated to working for the welfare of friends, fellow members and all humanity.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comments by concerned people helps us focus in a positive direction.

The comments of people close to you can help you focus your individuality in a positive direction.  the education and guidance, advice, warnings and even rebukes that you receive can all be used constructively to steer you along the right path.  On the other hand, refusing to listen to others' advice, doing only what you want to the exclusion of all else, cannot be described as individuality.  That's just being stubborn, and it doesn't benefit anyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Problems are part of the growing process

The hardship you come across now will contribute to your growth.  Problems are part and parcel of the growing process.  Therefore, the important thing is to keep pressing forward, no matter how tough or painful the going may get.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Youth is the spirit of persistence

Youth is the spirit of persistence -- to keep making an effort to grow and to become more capable despite all obstacles.  Those who keep striving for improvement remain youthful no matter how old they are.  Conversely, those who fail to do so, even if they are young in yours, will be old and weak in spirit.

Exams are a form of training... Life is a process of strengthening your mind and your endurance

Exams are a form of training that allows you to develop your mind and your forbearance.  What matters is that you never give up, but continue making efforts.  It's important that even if you get a bad grade, you have the spirit to try harder next time.  If you didn't do well today, there's always next time.  And if you don't do well next time either, there's always the time after that. It's important to have the tenacity and persistence to keep challenging yourself time after time.  Your entire life is a process of strengthening your mind and your endurance.