Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To live without regrets, keep moving forward toward set goals

This lifetime will never come again; It is precious and irreplaceable. To live without regret, it is crucial for us to have a concrete purpose and continually set goals and challenges for ourselves. It is equally important that we keep moving towards those specific targets steadily and tenaciously, one step at a time.

Dialogue brings people together

Dialogue is a positive endeavour. It builds solidarity and creates unity. To reject others only has negative repercussions. It invites division and leads to destruction. The point is to meet and to talk. It is only natural that our perspective may at times differ fom that of others. But dialogue gives rise to trust, even among those who don't see eye-to-eye.

True success means winning over oneself

What is true success in life? True success means winning in your battle with yourself. Those who persist in the pursuit of their dreams, no matter what the hurdles, are winners in life, for they have won over their weakness.