Thursday, August 19, 2010

Use your sadness as a source of growth

Only when you experience the crushing, painful depths of sufferings can you begin to understand the true meaning of life.  Precisely because you have experienced great sufferings, it is imperative that you go on living.  The important thing is to keep moving forward.  If you use your sadness as a source of growth, you will become a person of greater depth and breadth -- an even more wonderful you.  This is the harvest of your pain and sufferings.


Recognize the Interdependency within life

Life is like a chain.  All things are related.  When any link in that chain is harmed, others will be affected.  We should think of the environment as our mother -- Mother Soil, Mother Sea, and Mother Earth.  There is no crime worse than harming one's own mother.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Encountering a good book is like encountering a good teacher

Encountering a good book is like encountering a good teacher.  Reading is a privilege only human beings are endowed with; no other living creature on this planet has the same capacity.  Through reading, we are able to come into contact with hundreds and thousands of lives other than our own, and to commune with sages and philosophers who lived as long as two millennia ago.

People with noble goals do not give up easily

It is shortsighted to simply throw in the towel the moment you encounter the slightest obstacle or block.  People who are truly motivated by the spirit to contribute to the well-being of others and to humanity never give up in their endeavors.  In contrast, those who are motivated by vanity or by shallow desire for fame or fortune are easily disheartened.

一有问 提便马上放弃, 未免太简单。真正为人设想,为人类着想的话。绝对不会放弃。在乎“虚荣”只是“想出名”、“想赚钱”--若是那样肤浅的心,立刻便气馁。

Monday, August 9, 2010

Human Revolution -- the most fundamental revolution

No matter what one changes, the world will never get any better as long as people themselves -- the guiding force and impetus behind all endeavors -- remain selfish and lacking in compassion.  In that respect, human revolution (inner transformation of human lives) is the most fundamental of all revolutions, and at the same time, the most necessary revolution for humankind.

Having friends is important for mutual encouragement to press forward

Having good friends is like being equipped with a powerful auxiliary engine.  When we encounter a steep hill or an obstacle, we can encourage each other and find the strength to keep pressing forward vigorously.