Monday, November 22, 2010

Humility means doing your best in your present circumstances.

Humility means doing your best in your present circumstances and situation, working together harmoniously with those around you.  Arrogance, on the other hand, is doing whatever you please, without thinking about anyone else.  Arrogance is wrong and will bring one misfortune.


Mr Chang C.L.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Pursue studies with high ideals

Please do not spend your youth avoiding hardship and taking the path of least resistance.  Please seek out difficult challenges and work hard.  And if you are going to take on hardships, let it be for the sake of high ideal.  Do not stay closed up in your own tiny shell, pursue your studies with the high ideals of helping your friends and contributing to society and humanity.  This is where the true significance of the pursuit of learning lies.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Live a life crammed full of memories

Youth is a truly, wonderful thing.  Unfortunately though, this is often something that's hard to appreciate when we are young.  Life passes by quickly.  Before we know it, we are old.  That's why in our youth we should be as active as we possibly can.  Rather than a life of blank pages, live a life crammed full of memories -- of battles well fought and wonderfully diverse experiences, not to leave behind any history.  Just to grow old (uneventfully) and die, is a sad way to live.

Rather than complaining, be the first-class individual at that job

The most important thing is to first become indispensable wherever you are.  Instead of moaning that a job differs from what you'd like to be doing, he said, become a first-class individual at that job.  This will open the path leading to your next phase in life, during which you should also continue doing your best.  Such continuous efforts are guaranteed to land you a job that you like, that supports your life, and that allows you to contribute to society.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A life spent in service is the only fruitful life.

"A life spent in service is the only fruitful life."
-- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)


[Taken from NHR: Future 16 ]
My Takeaways:
Let's live our life in service of others

To truly live, one must exert oneself

"A man who spends his life without exertion, this is not a true man.  It's the hollow image of a man.  He has passed through life, but he hasn't lived it."
-- From a Brazilian poet, Francisco Otaviano (1825-89)

--  十九世纪巴西诗人弗朗西斯科,奥塔比阿诺

[Above taken from NHR: The Future 12 ]
My Takeaways:
Must not let our life slip by us without exerting ourselves.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Use your sadness as a source of growth

Only when you experience the crushing, painful depths of sufferings can you begin to understand the true meaning of life.  Precisely because you have experienced great sufferings, it is imperative that you go on living.  The important thing is to keep moving forward.  If you use your sadness as a source of growth, you will become a person of greater depth and breadth -- an even more wonderful you.  This is the harvest of your pain and sufferings.


Recognize the Interdependency within life

Life is like a chain.  All things are related.  When any link in that chain is harmed, others will be affected.  We should think of the environment as our mother -- Mother Soil, Mother Sea, and Mother Earth.  There is no crime worse than harming one's own mother.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Encountering a good book is like encountering a good teacher

Encountering a good book is like encountering a good teacher.  Reading is a privilege only human beings are endowed with; no other living creature on this planet has the same capacity.  Through reading, we are able to come into contact with hundreds and thousands of lives other than our own, and to commune with sages and philosophers who lived as long as two millennia ago.

People with noble goals do not give up easily

It is shortsighted to simply throw in the towel the moment you encounter the slightest obstacle or block.  People who are truly motivated by the spirit to contribute to the well-being of others and to humanity never give up in their endeavors.  In contrast, those who are motivated by vanity or by shallow desire for fame or fortune are easily disheartened.

一有问 提便马上放弃, 未免太简单。真正为人设想,为人类着想的话。绝对不会放弃。在乎“虚荣”只是“想出名”、“想赚钱”--若是那样肤浅的心,立刻便气馁。

Monday, August 9, 2010

Human Revolution -- the most fundamental revolution

No matter what one changes, the world will never get any better as long as people themselves -- the guiding force and impetus behind all endeavors -- remain selfish and lacking in compassion.  In that respect, human revolution (inner transformation of human lives) is the most fundamental of all revolutions, and at the same time, the most necessary revolution for humankind.

Having friends is important for mutual encouragement to press forward

Having good friends is like being equipped with a powerful auxiliary engine.  When we encounter a steep hill or an obstacle, we can encourage each other and find the strength to keep pressing forward vigorously.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A wise person can create value under any circumstance

One's attitude can totally transform one's situation.  The thing is to decide to spend each day happily and productively -- wherever you happen to be.  A wise person can create value under any circumstances.

凭着一颗心,什么也能改变。“来吧!”在如今所在的地方,愉快地度过有意义的每一天吧!” -- 真正贤明的人,在怎样的状况也能够创造出价值。

A rich heart is one that values the humanity of others

The richer our own hearts, our own humanity, the more we are able to recognize and value the humanity of others.  Those who bully and belittle others only diminish their own humanity.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Develop your positive attributes and your shortcomings will become less apparent

No one has only faults or only merits.  We all have a mixture of both.  Therefore, you should strive to develop and polish your positive attributes.  As you do so, your shortcomings will fade until they are no longer apparent.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

The wise person always thinks how bring out the fullest potential of people they meet

The most important people are those in your immediate environment right now.  Those are the people you must value.  The wise person considers the special characteristics of each and every person he or she meets and makes it possible for them to bring out their fullest potential.

要珍惜的是如今与自己”有缘的人“。 考虑自己身边每个人的特质,让他们能够充分发挥出才干。这样做才是贤人。

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This moment is the most important

This moment, this instant is important, not some unknown time in the future.  Today, this very day is what matters.  You must put your whole being into the time that exists now.  For future victory rests in the present moment.

重要的并不是何时,而是 “如今” 这瞬间、今天这一天。 要将全副精神倾注在如今此时。“如今” 包含着胜利的未来。

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A life that is always filled with appreciation is a bright and cheerful one

A life that is always filled with appreciation is a bright and cheerful one -- be it when you are meeting with people, when someone gives you a ride in their car, or when you are at home with your family.  Being able to sincerely offer thanks is a sign of living a truly happy life.  Where people embody such a sense of appreciation, they send out waves of happiness that envelop both themselves and others.

能说 “谢谢” 的人是幸福的。与别人见面,搭顺风车或与家人一起,常常能够说 “谢谢” 的人生事明朗的。能从心里说 “谢谢” 的生活是幸福的。而且经常这样说,自他都能扩大喜悦。

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A winner takes constructive effort to turn circumstances into source of value and victory

A life daydreaming about "If only I didn't have this problem or that problem" is a life of failure.  In contrast, one who continually makes constructive efforts, approaching things from the standpoint of "What can I do to overcome these circumstances and turn them into a source of value and victory?" is a winner.

只梦想逃避烦恼, 是败北的生活态度. 相反的, 常想着:"怎样做才能跨越那难题, 转变成价值和胜利", 经常这样向前努力的人才是胜利者。

Those who have thoroughly polished themselves shine with increasing brilliance as the years go by

Those who fail to polish themselves, even though they might possess fame or power, invariably end up in a sad and pitiful state.  In contrast, no matter how ordinary they may appear, those who have thoroughly polished themselves shine with increasing brilliance as the years go by.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

People with rich and generous hearts treasure others and nurture their growth

People with rich and generous hearts treasure others and nurture their growth.  They bring happiness to both themselves and others.  Those who are impoverished of heart make life gloomy by their complaining and criticisms of others.  They make both themselves and others miserable.


One's strength of character is measured by one's practice of self-reflection and self-control under any circumstances

One cannot be a starring player in life if one is easily swayed by one's emotions over every little thing.  Strength of character lies in performing the drama of life with courage and confidence, practising self-reflection and self-control under any circumstances.


While taking problems for granted, exercise wisdom and persevere to achieve victory

There is not a single person who is free of problems or worries.  Nor are there any "trouble-free" families and communities  What matters is what we can take to resolve such problems and worries.  The important thing is to exercise one's wisdom to the fullest and make persistent efforts, while aiming towards the victory that lies beyond one's present problems.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It takes courage to become happy

It takes courage to become happy -- courage to remain true to one's convictions, courage not to be defeateed by one's weaknesses and negativity, courage to take swift action to help those who are suffering. It is through such daily efforts that your true beauty as a human being shines forth.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Great leaders are those who are able to train their juniors to surpass them

Truly admirable is the person who wants to educate and train his juniors so that they can surpass him.  Such a person is a true asset.  Those who willingly help their juniors to develop and become great individuals, while smilingly supporting and watching over their growth, are great leaders among leaders.

要把后辈培育成为比自己更出色的人才, 以这样的自觉去努力的人才是伟大的,这样的人才是真正的人才。使后辈一个一个伟大地成材,然后泰然自若地为此而欢喜,全心全意照料,给予他们支持的人,才是真正的“大将”之才。

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The true victors and geniuses are those who aim to surpass their own limits.

There may be times when others seem enviable.  But others are others and you are you.  Rather than comparing every joy and sorrow to that of others, you should aim to surpass your limits in the situation you currently find yourself in.  Those who can accomplish this throughout life are victors, the true geniuses.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The eternal struggle to overcome our own limitations ( Human Revolution ) -- the only way forward

Do you give up the struggle to overcome your own limitations on the first attempt, or do you keep on with it, trying a second time, a third time, and continuing on in the challenge for the rest of your life?  That is the only difference between the genius and the ordinary person.  When all is said and done, winning over oneself -- personal triumph -- is the only way forward.

向着超越自己的极限挑战,一次就罢休,还是两次、三次、一生接续不断地继续下去呢? 这大概就是天才和凡人的分别之处。 最终,除了“战胜自己”之外,就没有其他办法能够开拓出道路了。

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Struggles are needed to be individuals of first-class standing

No one has ever achieved first-class standing in his or her given field merely on innate talent or favourable circumstance alone.  It is the number of life-and-death struggles a person has experienced that forges and creates an individual of genuine first-class standing.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real greatness of human beings lies in being able to contribute to society, even if it's in some inconspicuous field.

The real greatness of human beings lies not in being active on gorgeous stages.  A person who lives his life to fulfill his own mission, whether in a remote region or in some inconspicuous field of society, is the most valuable person.

Justice, courage and passion should constitute the lifeblood and privilege of youth

Youth should never be swept away by superficial fame or materialistic greed.  Youth should not have the mind of an old man who cunningly manages to pass hard work on to others and seeks only personal gain.  Justice, courage and passion constitute the lifeblood and privilege of youth

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let our heart always be aglow with indestructible hope

No matter what suffering or difficulties you may experience, you should never lose hope.  Even if you may temporarily suffer from illness or financial difficulty, your heart should always be aglow with indestructible hope.


Continue to do your best even though at times you may have to take a step back

It is not always wise to continually advance in a battle.  At certain times, you may have to retreat.  What is important is to continue to do your best, even though at times you may have to take a step back


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let trials and tribulations toughen us up!

There is no such thing as a life without trials and tribulations.  A life without meeting obstacles is a weak one.  One cannot depend on someone who has not had to overcome difficulties.