Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Takeaways from "Discussion on Youth"

Preface by SGI President Ikeda
Editor's Note

Part One: The Hopes of Youth
1. The Worries and Hopes of Youth
2. Youth: A time to challenge
3. Friendship and Perspectives on life

Part Two: The Heartbeat of Youth
4. What is Love?
5. Finding Happiness in Your Work
6. What is a Global Citizen?ddddddddd
7. Bridging Out your Best
8. What is Kindness?
9. The essence of human rights

Part Three: Youth and Self-Improvement
10. The Joy of Reading
11. Knowing History is Knowing Yourself
12. Appreciating Art and Culture
13. Dialogue with Nature
14. Discovering Great Literature

Part Four: Youth and Faith
15. Why Do We Chant Every Day?
16. Why Do We Have an Organization?
17. Weaving the Fabric of Peace

Part Five: The Questions of Youth

18. What is Freedom?
19. What is Individuality?
20. What is the Power of Prayer?

Part Six: Youth and the Future
21. What is a Good Friend?
22. It Takes Courage
23. Why are the Good Despised?
24. Why Go to College?

Part Seven: The Energy of Youth
25.  Life and Death Are One


Appendix A: You are the Hope of the World
Appendix B: Youth are struggling between problems and hopes